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How do Bluetooth speakers work?

Published by admin 2023-03-29

As the name implies, Bluetooth speakers use Bluetooth connectivity to provide the link between the music source and the Bluetooth speaker.


Note on Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity standard for short range communications. Using the 2.48 GHz ISM band and techniques like frequency hopping, it has developed into a standard that can be used not only for audio connections but very many other forms of wireless connectivity including IoT where low power is of the essence.

The Bluetooth speaker contains the Bluetooth connectivity, an amplifier, and the speakers. A battery is also included making the speaker self contained and portable.

Often an auxiliary input may also be provided enabling wired connectivity if required.

The controls on the Bluetooth speaker generally consist of the On / Off switch, volume controls, a pairing button and indicator, and in some instances NFC may be available to make pairing easier.

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