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The structure and working principle of the speaker

Published by admin 2023-03-29

Speaker Structure

There are many types of speakers, but the basic working principles are similar. They are all components that convert electrical signals into sound signals for playback.

Currently, the most widely used is the electrodynamic type speaker, which is composed of diaphragm, voice coil, permanent magnet, bracket and so on.




Speaker Working Principle

When the voice coil of the speaker receives audio electricity, the voice coil generates an alternating magnetic field, and the permanent magnet also generates the same magnetic field. 

With the change of audio electricity, the voice coil generate the size and direction of the magnetic field will constantly change. And the interaction of the two magnetic fields makes the voice coil perpendicularly move.




Because the voice coil and the diaphragm are connected, the movement of the voice coil will drive the diaphragm to vibrate , and the vibration of the diaphragm causes the air to vibrate to produce sound.

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