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What you need to know about Bluetooth Speaker battery?

Published by admin 2023-03-29

To choose the Bluetooth Speaker, battery is the most important parameter. The Bluetooth speaker usage time is decided by the battery capacity. Small battery capacity will result in too short user experience time, which will greatly affect the user experience.

Great Bluetooth speaker is depend on the lowest parameters, just like the bucket.



That’s why the battery consistency is very important.

Advantage of Merison Bluetooth Speaker Battery.



  1. Merison Bluetooth Speaker using 18650 battery, our battery have passed UN38.3, CE & UL certification


  1. 18650 lithium battery has long cycle life, which can reach more than 500 times, that is more than twice


  1. Large capacity: The capacity of 18650 cylindrical lithium battery cells is generally between 1200mah and 3100mah. Merison Bluetooth speaker battery capacity usually more than 2200mah,


  1. High safety performance: In order to prevent battery short-circuit phenomenon, the positive and negative electrodes of 18650 lithium battery are separated. Therefore, the short-circuit phenomenon may have been reduced to the extreme. High safety performance, no explosion, no combustion.

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