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OEM Mini Bluetooth Speaker Professional Manufacture - Merison

Published by admin 2023-03-29


With people’s preference for wireless electronic products, not only mobile phones, but also wireless speakers have become an indispensable device in young people’s homes. Nowadays, there are various types of Bluetooth speakers, including Wooden Bluetooth speakers, Mini Bluetooth speakers,Plastic Bluetooth speakers and Bazooka Speaker,etc.



As a busy office worker in first-tier cities, working 12 Hours for a day makes many people have no time to enjoy their lives, and even spending time with their family has become a luxury. Perhaps only on the weekend can they have their own Leisure time. There are many ways to stay at home on weekends. Alex chooses to spend time with music.


At 8:00 on Saturday morning, Alex woke up with the beautiful music alarm of MY-M67 beside the bed, the sun was shining on the sheets, the fatigue of the previous day had disappeared, and the good mood of the day began. Merison's well-designed music alarm function allows users to set their favorite music as a wake-up ringtone, just like Alex likes to set Jack Lee’s "Botero" album tracks as a wake-up ringtone, and let good music wake up this morning good mood.



Every weekend, Alex likes to make himself an exquisite breakfast to supplement his nutrition. Come to the kitchen, Alex makes breakfast while listening to the morning news on Merison Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Himalaya FM, even if you stay at home, you can learn about the world. Merison's unique multi-room control function can play different music in each room under the same network, or play the same song in different rooms. Everything can be set according to your preferences, and music is no longer restricted by space.



In the Afternoon, Alex staying at home on weekends, besides listening to music and reading Twitter, proper reading and study are also a good way to enrich yourself. Just like Alex likes to lean on the back of his chair, read a book while playing Spotify Music's "Pure Music/Reading" playlist on Merison, letting himself be immersed in the ocean of music and knowledge. Merison speakers can play high-definition streaming music through simple WiFi settings, and the experience is smooth and without stutter. More importantly, music is not disturbed by mobile phone calls and information reminders, allowing you to learn and entertain.

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