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How to choose Bluetooth Speaker Manufacture Factory?

Published by admin 2023-03-29

Many customers want to find the source Bluetooth speaker manufacture factory directly, but how to find a high-quality cooperative factory?

Now, Merison will teach everyone to choose the cooperative Bluetooth speaker manufacture factory from the following 4 points.


1. Established Time

In general, the factory establish time is longer , the factory has more experienced in the Bluetooth speaker industry. Moreover, the factory can better communicate with customers, provide professional suggestions, solve customer problems, and meet customer needs. For example, Merison have more than 12 years Bluetooth speaker manufacture experience, possessing professional production technology.



2. Productivity.

High-quality manufacture factory have sufficient production capacity. The Sufficient production capacity can ensure product delivery on time for customers. Merison Bluetooth speaker factory have 5 production lines and more than 150 skillful workers. The monthly production capacity is 250,000 pieces. Customers do not need to worry about delivery time.



3. Professional R&D Team

Normally, great factory have professional R&D team, which will provide professional suggestion to the customer. Without the R&D team, the factory is not good. Merison have professional R&D team, which consist of 10 experienced engineers. Providing customers with professional advice at any time.


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