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Why smart speakers are so popular in India?

Published by admin 2023-03-29

In 2020, the sales of smart speakers will exceed 1 million units in India for the first time, especially during the festive period when demand surges. Mainly as a gift or purchased from curiosity, smart speakers are gaining popularity in India.Merison has a lot of high-quality and cheap bluetooth speakers.

As more and more Indians accept smart devices, smart speakers are now gradually becoming devices that are used every day.India's manufacturing industry is not as well-developed as its service industry, nor does it have a complete industrial system. Most of its exports overseas are raw materials and semi-finished products, which allows the import of home appliances and electronic products.

India's total population is as high as 1.3 billion. Under the huge population base, there is a spurt of potential e-commerce demand dormant. In addition, India has 700 million Internet users, among which young people account for a high proportion, and the population under the age of 35 accounts for 65%. User participation is high. The Indian government has vigorously promoted the digital policy. In the past three years, the total digital payment has grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 61%. This shows that the Indian market is quite dependent on imports of home appliances and electronic products.

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